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Bee Updates

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

It is sunny and 28 right now.  Suppose to get to 38 today.  Will be in the low to mid 40's and sunny the rest of the week!  The bees are getting anxious to bee out and about!  They begin to leave hibernation mode at 40'.  Now I am sure we have some winter weather left.  But at times like this week, the bees are ready for a "cleansing" flight.  Yes...that means exactly what you think!  They get out, spread their wings, and go poo poo.  You try being communed with thousands of your family all winter and see if a little sunshine and warmth doesn't make you want to get out!  I will not bee putting all their masks on...they will have to risk it!  LOL!  Tim will go down later this afternoon and open up the loop building so they can get a flight in if wanted, and get back to the hive before night.  They have plenty of stores onboard yet (honey for the winter) so they won't be foraging yet.  Just getting some sunshine!  Tim will probably close up the building after dark, and open it up for flights again tomorrow and probably the rest of the week.  Good times!

Have a great Wednesday all!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!


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