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Angry Bees & Cake

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Nick came up this last weekend to help Tim with honey extraction.  It has been a tough year and it is not getting any easier.  The bees are MAD this year that Tim is taking the honey.  Usually he puts them into temporary hives with feed then takes the honey frames, extracts the honey, then puts the fresh frames back in and transfers the bees back to their hives, while keeping the feed onboard since the nectar flow is over.  Usually they are happy bees.  They get fresh hives, food close, and they can start putting on honey stores for themselves for winter.  NOT THIS YEAR!  They swarmed Tim so bad the other day I could barely see him through the fog of bees!  Yes...he had his bee suit on!  They are not happy bees this year.  In the 4years we have been doing this, I have never seen them react this way.  I was bragging about my hummingbird feeders last week...big mistake!  The bees have taken them much that I can't even get to them to take them down!  The bees have left the one on the window alone, so I am keeping that one full, but the bees have taken up residence on the one on my front porch by the door and my favorite strawberry just to the other side of the drive.  Tonight I am going to bring the one in from the porch.  I am leaving the strawberry up as a decoy!  I have done what I can, the bees do not care that they have feed on at the hives.  I have watered down the ratio of sugar to water for the feeders (Tim does a very heavy sugar ratio in feeding the bees.  The bees won't like the watered down feed and hopefully leave my hummers alone!)  Sources say that the hummers won't mind the watered down feed and will continue to come.  Even now with the bees they will fight for a place to feed.  A bee sting will kill a hummer though, so I have been crazy trying to keep the bees from my birds!  Tim says they will settle down, but it has been 2 days now and I don't see much of a change.  I have not been stung, but the bees are just outside my front door and not leaving!  Bert runs in and out...but he isn't happy about our visitors either.  UGH.

This is an Oreo cake I made for Nick for his birthday.  Chocolate Oreo cake with vanilla frosting and crushed Oreo's and mini Oreo's on top!  I am not an Oreo fan...but is was good and I kept 1 piece for Tim and sent the rest home for Nick.

So, enjoy your day everyone.  The farm truck is down, so we took it in for repairs this morning.  Tim won't be pulling honey frames without the truck to transport, so maybe the bees will calm down.  I hope so!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!


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