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5 Very Healthy Reasons to Use Raw Honey

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

You all know that I believe honey is medicinal.  This is an article that was in Healthy Foods Magazine on Feb. 18th, 2021, "5 Nutritional Benefits of Honey".  

*****Honey has been utilized in folk remedies all throughout history and has several health benefits and uses in the medical arena. It is also used in many hospitals as a treatment for injuries. It is a readily available and relatively affordable option for households. Most of the benefits of honey refer to the unpasteurized or raw variety. The majority of the honey that is found in grocery stores is pasteurized; the extreme heat eliminates the unwanted yeast, could enhance the texture and the color, extends the shelf life, and removes any crystallization. Most of the nutrients that have benefit are destroyed during the process as well. Below you will find some of the health benefits of honey.

Honey Might Assist in Treatment for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Published in the journal BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford University scientists investigated previous studies that were associated with the usefulness of honey for the reprieve of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection symptoms. They discovered that when measured up to the normal treatments such as over-the-counter antibiotics and medication, honey was effective on the severity and frequency of coughs and it might be an inexpensive substitute for antibiotics. The study further concluded that more controlled, detailed trials are required; however, the scrutiny was incited by the concern regarding antimicrobial resistance, which is connected in part to the excessively prescribing antibiotics for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention named antibiotic resistance as one of the leading public health issues in the world, and a research group in 2017 discovered that honey might be the cure for this.

Honey Might Help Combat Metabolic Syndrome

Published in a 2018 paper journal called the Nutrients a review of the protective effects of honey for metabolic syndrome or MetS, a collection of explicit risk factors discovered in at least thirty-three percent of adults in the United States. In order to be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, an individual must possess at minimum three of the five conditions as listed, high blood pressure; a large waistline (over forty inches for men and over thirty inches for women); low good HDL cholesterol; a high level of detrimental triglycerides in the blood; and high blood sugar. Researchers have laid out reasons why honey might assist in improving particular conditions. Firstly, honey consists of a low glycemic index, therefore it does not set off a spike in insulin levels and blood sugar, and it assists in improving insulin sensitivity. In addition, honey has been proven to inhibit extreme weight gain and enhance lipid metabolism via the reduction in triglycerides in addition to the bad LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol, all the while raising the levels of good HDL cholesterol. The antioxidant properties of honey also assist with minimizing oxidative stress, noted as a central mechanism in metabolic syndrome. In summary, the imbalance between the body’s ability to counter the damaging effects of free radicals and the actual creation of the cell destroying free radicals. It is for these reasons; scientists determined that there is the possibility of honey integrating into the management of MetS, in a therapeutic and preventative way.

Honey Might Help Prevent Hardening of the Arteries

The benefits of honey have also been explored in the ability to fight against artery hardening, which is a leading cause of death around the globe. In 2019 a publication in the journal Nutrients, the researchers documented that honey consists of more than 180 substances, such as a surplus of minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals, along with natural sugars. The study determined that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant composites in honey, plus the ability it has to counteract oxidative stress are the chief factors that are responsible for its defensive benefits. Other research has also confirmed that eating antioxidant-rich honey will without a doubt raise the levels of the blood antioxidants while substituting processed sugar with honey might assist in boosting antioxidant defenses in adults that are healthy.

Honey Might Assist in Supporting a Healthy Gut

 A review of a publication in the journal Integrative Medicine Insights regarding the use of honey in complementary medicine, affirms that honey holds prebiotic properties, these properties assist in the fermentation of bacteria that is beneficial for the gut, such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. This shift has been connected to stronger immune function and improved mental well-being.

RAW Honey Offers Nutrients

Besides the antioxidants and its natural sugar, honey also consists of several nutrients. For instance, although the quantities are a little per serving, there are thirty-one minerals that have been discovered in honey, including the complete set of essential minerals, like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. Honey also consists of roughly six hundred unstable compounds which are assumed to contribute to its possible biomedical effects. In a nutshell, honey probably won’t provide an individual with any significant amount of nutrients, however; it is definitely not empty calories.*******************************************

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