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The Next Chapter

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Nothing makes me happier than this boy.  I think this is 8th Grade Graduation.  A very happy boy, and a very tired Belle.  Brings me great joy!

With that being said, I am experiencing TIA's again (mini strokes).  I lost my taste last Thursday so I went and tested for covid.  I was negative (Yeah), but over the weekend I lost feeling in my lips on Saturday and my left side on Sunday.  The "no taste" was the start of TIA's again. No paralysis, but just got feeling back in my left hand today.  It came & went yesterday.  I am on my meds, BP is good, no real reason for them.  Doc wanted me to come in to hospital, I refused.  Tim wanted me to go to hospital, I refused.  Call me stupid, tough, or dumb...I can't justify the cost.  I will know when I need to go...or when I am unable to say NO...Tim will take me or call 911.  I know...I know all of what could happen.  3 years ago tests showed that I had already had 2 strokes that showed up in CT scans, and I can't count how many small ones.  I have been good for about 2 years now.  This has really thrown me for a loop.  Migraines continue, but no more numbness.  Very "discombobulated" is my word for it.  My cognitive state seems good.  Tim is home and babysitting.  But the dizziness is terrible and I can't imagine riding in a car.  Last time it took months before I could even ride in a vehicle from the vertigo.  So dizzy it made me sick.  Good time to stay in...covid is a good excuse to stay home!  I will admit I am fighting depression right now.  Very hard to stay positive with all that is going on.  I find myself breaking into tears at nothing!  Trying to read is tough too.  Too dizzy to focus for very long. I need more rest.

I cannot emphasize enough my mantra today:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay SANE!