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Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This picture is of my recipe book I made up with all my info for my "special" diet.  Do you think I can find it?  NOPE.  I know most of the actual recipes, but I had lots of handwritten cards with notes on them for special things that I did, or worked better for certain substitutions.  Our diet here is a little crazy.  I don't do gluten, acids (fruits or vinegars), processed foods, etc etc etc.  Tim has to get in the special diet too with his lactose intolerance (no dairy).  I can do most vegetables (peas are a no...too much acid in skin and who peels peas?)  Guess what is one of Tim's favorite vegetables?  PEAS!  Besides the fact that I do a lot of real cooking around here, somedays it feels like I am making 2 meals.  I can't do leftover meat (builds an acid to keep from spoiling), so Tim is great at leftovers!  I love that he does leftovers, but then I still have to fix something for me.  I really am used to this, but somedays it still gets a little overwhelming.

Next Chapter:  I am scheduled for some tests.  I am just going to the lab, so I called and didn't need an appointment.  Went in this morning and the lab entrance to the clinic was roped off with caution tape.  No one in the parking lot, so I called the clinic while I was sitting there and asked what to do.  I was told that they don't have enough people on staff right now to have the lab entrance open to screen people as they come in.  I would have to go around the bldg (which is also the hospital) and park at the corner lot and walk into the main entrance, be screened, then continue to the lab.  There was no place to park, and there are 2 entrances so not really sure which one I needed to go into.  I was in tears.  It took a great deal of fortitude to get me to go in.  Now I couldn't get in.  I came home.  Tim is going with me tomorrow and take me right up to the door, if that is not the door, he will take me right to the other door and wait for me.  I am not good at walking any distance, especially in the slush and ice.  So my chauffer will have my back tomorrow, and hopefully I will get my labs done and then the wait for the results begins.  I can't tell you how tired I am of health stuff...and not just Covid!  Heaven help us.

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!  Stay Sane!!!!