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Part 5 - My Health Journey

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I wasn't going to do anymore on my health.  But it continues to haunt me and there are new issues in the wind, so I am going to catch you up until recently. 

While I was packing to move North, I started having dizzy spells.  I wasn't just dizzy, I had numbness in my lips and face on occasion.  Nothing earth shattering, I just thought I was pushing myself too hard.  I would take a break, it would pass, and off I would go again!

After we moved up North, Mother's Day was the next weekend in 2017.  Nick was gone to Colorado for a Bachelor Trip for one of his best friends, and we were suppose to meet him in WY for the graduation of our oldest grandson from High School the next weekend.  Tim and I ran to Virginia (town) to shop for some flowers when I really started having problems.  I had been to the ER in Cook, MN a few days before and was released after a CT scan and other tests.  Just my BP high.  With RX in hand, we left and I did start to feel better.  Until we got in the parking lot of Walmart to shop on Mother's Day.  I couldn't get out of the truck, I was having trouble talking and Tim said my eye was drooping.  We should have went to the Virginia ER, but I insisted on going back to Cook.  A new ER doc and a new CT scan and the DX was a TIA.  (Small stroke).  They had missed it on the originally CT, so I had at least 1 previous to the current one.  They shipped me by ambulance to Duluth, MN.  I spent 3 days and many tests for them to tell me they had no reason why I had them.  The cardiologist said I had the heart of a teenager and would probably outlive him!  LOL!  So, I was released and life went on.  My follow up appointment in Cook was good.  I stayed on my BP meds until it was time to refill.  Of course they won't refill without an appointment (ludacris), so I stopped my meds because of no refill.  If I need them, you refill them.  I see coming in once a year for a physical, but not for just a refill on a med.  They wouldn't refill them, and I wouldn't come in.  Not sure who won, but my BP has been fine.  Doc in Duluth told me to watch my pulse rate more than my BP.  Both have been good.

I won't lie...I have had several small problems since.  But a few months ago I was having problems enough to go to see the Doc.  Big deal for me!  My Doc of 17 years retired right before we moved to Angora.  We had a great understanding. I knew I would miss that, but I have found another Doc here in Cook (the one that found the brain bleed on the CT the 2nd time).  I am having a severe Lupus flare right now, but the lab work showed possible other problems.  We decided to wait a few months and hope the flare gets under control before more lab work.  That will be sometime in June.  So even with the quarantine, I would be pretty much home anyway.  Today is the worst I have felt in a long time.  Makes me concerned about a new diagnosis.  If it comes back as I think, it will be a game changer and not in a good way.  Actually, I think Tim is having a worse time than me right now.  I don't worry about this stuff much...but this time he is. I am waiting to hear from Doc today about scheduling testing.  Uppermost on my mind today, so I am sharing.

The photo today is an aerial picture of our place from last August.  I wish it had more of the field and the river in it, but it gives you an idea of my paradise!   I am truly blessed!

Have an amazing weekend all!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane