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Part 3-My Personal Story

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

2010 - 2014 are a blur when it comes to my health.  Everyday it was something new, and no one seemed to be able to help.  I went back on the Plaquenil for Lupus and was taking Tramadol for pain.  I was also on Lisinopril for High Blood Pressure, Meloxicam for Arthritis inflammation & pain, and Omeprazole for heartburn/ulcers.  Add to this that my knees, back and hip were still extremely weak and you will understand why getting out of bed most mornings was excruciating.  

I was also seeing a Dermatologist for the rash and my nails that were disintegrating.  There is no other word for what was happening to my nails.  I was was not fungal, viral, or anything else they could find.  Over the last 6 years I have lost (disintegrated) a nail a year.  I am down to 3 healthy nails.  Quite a blow to someone who always had nice nails!  These are just my fingernails.  Not my toes.  My toenails are perfect. (and now I wish I hadn't said that!)  About 2016 I also lost most of my hair.  This was attributed to the Lupus, as were the nails since they could find nothing else to blame it on. During this time the Dermatologist also removed 3 growths that were not related to the rash.  Two of them were pre-cancerous.  The outside edge cells were normal so no other treatment was required.  I continued on steroid creams.

 In May of 2014 I decided to try holistic.  I found a Doctor nearby that had been an MD at a local clinic and was now a certified DPT, NMD, CNC, CTN, CNHP.  I started seeing him, and was impressed with his testing and knowledge of my problems.  I was still taking my medications, but hoping he could give me some answers.  What I did learn from him was about Essential Oils!  His testing showed that almost all of my organs were in the red, but he was able to help immensely on my diet/foods.  He was actually able to give me a report on what to avoid and what to eat.  I almost cry today to think about what a relief that was at the time.  Yes, it really did help!  My rash starting clearing up almost immediately.  I still have an occasional hive, but the huge, massive breakouts have subsided to almost nothing.  

I am stopping here for now.  Lots left to say, but this is long and again, I have a headache reading all my paperwork.  Almost done folks!  I think 1 more post will catch us up to where I am today.  I hope so!  

Stay In, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!