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Looking Back

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Feeling nostalgic today.  This photo is from 3 years ago.  Tim was working putting in roads, culverts, building area for the loop building, and my barn was still standing!   It was during this time that I perfected BITE BACK bug spray!  They were digging up swamps and old water lines and the black flies were the worse!  I am allergic, and even though I had been making my own bug spray for a few years, it wasn't quite strong enough for "up north".  I was just a month home from my strokes (2 TIA's) after we moved here.  I was not up to dealing with bugs!  So I tweaked my formula and came up with something even better and stronger.  Tim & Nick carried it around with them in industrial spray bottles.  There is still much to be done here, but my guys gave us a great start!  That is when we started handing out sample bottles to people to see what they thought...if it worked for them.  No true complaints, so BITE BACK INSECT REPELLENT was born!  Besides the Raw Angora Honey, it was our first product.  It has taken us a few years to build up business...but it has been a good week here folks.  As most people right now, we really needed the boost in business!  

Today is not just about Do This Honey.  Back in April I was having more health issues.  I went to the doc and of course they did labs.  Labs did not come back good, but my Lupus was flaring so we decided to give it a month or so and try again.  Same results.  Labs pointed to a rare blood cancer...not good.  So, more lab work that was sent out to UM Research Lab.  After a couple of weeks of waiting and lots of prayers...results were in yesterday.  I AM CANCER FREE!  Hallelujah!  Doc is sending me all the results, but there isn't any follow up for now.  I do have all the genetic/blood markers for this disease, but it is not active.  It may never be active, and at least for now I am in the clear!  I can breathe again.  I wake up at least several times a night and last night the first thing in my mind was, "THANK YOU LORD!"  It is a blessed day here!

Going to be another scorcher here today so I went out and watered early.  I have 3 tomatoes now!  Sugar Peas are needing support, and Tim needs to get the fencing up soon for my cucs & squash.  Garden is doing great and I am loving being able to get out and participate!  It was 85 in the house when we went to bed last night...a nice 70 this morning.  Going to be 87 today and it is 80 right now.  Going to cool off the rest of the week, and rain tomorrow.  Too hot to cook so I am thinking big Chef Salads tonight.  Yum!

Enjoy your day all!  Blessings to you and yours!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!