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Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Isn't this a refreshing picture today.  This is the day we looked at the property.  It was December of 2016 and nothing had been plowed.  See the snow level with the porch?  There were 3 steps up to that porch!  It was also -26 and the old house had no heat.  You have to fall in love with a place to buy it on a day like that!  The old house, although it looks nice here, was not live-able and we tore it down.  I have lately regretted that decision.  I wish we would have just let it sit and taken some time to really think.  I miss that old place.  If nothing else, it would have been great storage!  We salvaged everything possible from the old place.  Now it is all in storage!

The real reason for the "House" reference today has to do with the TV show.  You know, the grouchy Doc who has the touch for solving the really hard cases?  Tim and I have been watching it lately.  I was getting really upset with it for awhile because if they couldn't figure something out, it was "test for Lupus".  UGH!  Yesterday Tim worked with the bees all day.  He came in for dinner and was exhausted, so we turned on House.  One of the mentions of possible causes last night for the illness was Polycythemia.  Too close to home!  In April when I was having some terrible health issues again, my blood work came back with Polycythemia markers.  Polycythemia is a rare blood cancer.  Since my Lupus was flaring at the time, we waited another month to check again.  Blood work still bad with the markers.  SO...I went in for more blood work and they sent it out to a Diagnostic Lab in California.  Good news/Bad news.  I definitely have the markers for Polycythemia...but they were not bad enough to confirm cancer.  So, they diagnosed me as "borderline" and I will have to keep on top of my blood tests.  It is a 'May Happen/May Never Happen" type of thing.  At least I have a heads up, and the news for now is good.  My Lupus flare is much better so life (for me) is getting back to normal. 

It was just weird hearing it mentioned on a TV show last night.  I am just getting over the scare, and there it is on TV.  I just had to vent a bit.  So, all of that being said, Tim is off and running to help others with their bees this morning.  Great thunderstorm this of those that you could just go back to bed and sleep.  Nice steady rain, rolling thunder, a little lightening...priceless!  It has really cooled things off!  It was 66 in the house this morning, and it is only 68 now.  Still cloudy, but rain has stopped.  If the sun breaks out soon it will probably get in the mid 80's today.  Still, I am doing laundry and catching up on computer work today.  I never get much done at home on Tuesday.  It is my Bible Study day, and I make plans to do most of my running for the week then.  I had tons of errands yesterday.  Still tired from the weekend, but if it stays cool and overcast...a nap might be in my future today. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane