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Honey for Sleep & Health

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Tim read an article last week about Honey and Weight loss.  I read it and it is also good for sleep problems for the same reasons.  He has been trying honey at bedtime now for about a week, and he is sleeping better.  I have taken a Tbsp of honey on occasion when I was having a really bad night sleeping.  I usually don't take it at night, well...because I thought it wasn't good for me.  WRONG!  I am still researching on this, but let me give you a quick briefing:

Your body rests at night, but it doesn't shut down.  Sleeping (or hibernation as it is called) is where your body resets your metabolism.  Your liver stores glycogen which continues to be released at night to keep your brain functioning.  Honey is the ideal food to stock liver glycogen.  This speeds up your metabolism, speeds up fat burning and rests your stress hormones!  If your liver runs low at night on glycogen, your adrenal glands will kick in and start burning muscle and bone thinking you have no stores on board.  This slows down your metabolism and leads to cortisol being stored instead of burned.  In other words, your body starts storing the fat, instead of burning it.  Honey stops this cycle!  I don't know that Tim is losing any weight (he refuses to weigh himself), but I am going to try this.  I am going to take a Tbsp or so every night before going to bed and see if it helps with my sleep.  It is suppose to help you naturally lose weight by boosting your metabolism to burn more efficiently at night.  When your adrenals kick in because your liver doesn't have enough glycogen to feed your brain, it can be a help to heart disease, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, poor immune function, depression and other health problems.  I am definitely trying this tonight.  I will weigh myself in the morning, and again next Wednesday and we will see (not doing anything else to lose weight) if this helps.  I can always use better sleep, and if I lose a pound while I am sleeping...WELL BLESS YOU BEES!

Please Note:  This is based on using Raw Pure Honey!  Not the sugar water you buy in the grocery!  Honey is a pure sugar, a low glycemic index, and your body burns it as an energy source.  Raw Honey contains 22 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help refuel your body, not deplete it.  DOTHISHONEY is the perfect source for Raw Pure Unfiltered Honey!  You can Thank our little bees like the one in the picture.  Isn't she BEEutiful!

More to come on this!  My brain is feeling a little fried from all the input of information today. (I probably should have had a spoonful of honey!)  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!