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Healthier Style

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

We had fish tacos Wednesday night.  First time I had made them...not our favorite.  If not for the cilantro/lime sauce they would have been a total flop.  The good thing is that I made homemade coleslaw to go with our fish tacos.  Although we had fish last night, I am going to make a tuna noodle casserole tonight (Thursday) and use the leftover coleslaw in it.  Less pasta (only making 1/2 of usual pasta), more vegetables.  I am going to make regular tuna noodle casserole with no dressing then put the coleslaw in and see if I need anymore mayo, etc.  I love coleslaw.  Tim is ok with it.  Hopefully this is as tasty as I think it will be and Tim will be a fan.  Wish me luck!  I will TRY my best to remember to take a picture and post it here! (I remembered!)  All I added was a little onion, a little ranch dressing & a little milk.  Tim Loved It!  The coleslaw stayed crunchy, and of course I added a few peas also.  This was a win for dinner last night!

I did make it into the lab Wednesday.  What a day.  Took them 2.5 hours to get enough blood out of me to run the tests.  Not their fault!  I have always been a hard draw because I have small veins and they roll away.  But now with my other issues, my blood runs slow and by the time they would get 1 vial, my vein would blow.  Took 8 stabs to get 7 vials of blood.  It doesn't hurt, but it has been a very long time since it has been this much trouble.  9 stabs is my record and I was a teenager then!  I am trying to stay positive but I don't see this as a good sign. The good thing is they wanted 10 vials but told me to go home.  They would make what they had work!   I have an appointment with the doc next Friday.  We should have all the results back by then as some of the tests were being sent out to Mayo.  So cross your fingers, knock on wood, rub your lucky rabbits foot, whatever you do for luck.  But Please...Prayers Up!

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!  Stay Sane!