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Hard Start

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

If I have to wear a face mask, I want it to be fun.  Bright, colorful, FUN.  I started out wearing a bandana, but it was too confining.  This is a picture of my 3 favorite masks.  A childhood friend made these for me when all of this first started.  I traded her honey for them (love bartering!).  She wasn't charging me anything, I just wanted her to know how much I appreciated her effort.  The paw print pattern is my favorite.  I carry it with me everywhere!  The other 2 are my backup masks, for when I am washing the paw print.  I believe masks are going to be with us awhile.  Do I like wearing them...NO.  But when I have too wear one it might as well be one I like!  

Why am I bringing this up today?  I have a dear friend right now with Covid.  She was pretty sick, but doing better now.  They recently had a Covid death in the family also.  An elderly family member.  It is all so sad.  The elderly are isolated from family and lonely.  A man pulled his mask up on a train today to sip his coffee and people went berserk.  I am not here to preach, but let's keep it human people.  Don't let fear overcome your common sense!  Protect yourself when needed, and I hope you have family & friends you feel comfortable enough with to not need to worry!!!  The risk is there people, but if we "have" to do it YOUR way!  I have never been good at being a follower.  Be Bright!  Have FUN!

That all being said, New Year, new health issues.  Headed soon for more testing.  Not Covid.  Regular check with a few added new tests because of some health issues I have been experiencing.  What I want to experience is Sun on my face, Sand in my toes, and Surf to walk in.  Since that isn't going to happen...I dream! 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!