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Bert Worship

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I was out in the garden yesterday and Bert is always glad to tag along.  All of a sudden he took off like a flash and I thought he was going to climb this tree!  Must have been a squirrel, but I never saw him or heard him.  Bert circled this tree for over an hour...then he sat like this waiting for another hour!  I didn't think he was ever going to move!  Just sat staring at that tree.  What a perfect farm dog!  Way more patience than his Mom!

Today I think I need to clear something up.  I am not against Doctors or the Medical profession!  In some of my posts I think when I talk about my Holistic ways, I give that impression.  I had a Doc in Hastings for over 17 years.  We were friends...we had an understanding.  He knew my history.  He diagnosed and treated my Lupus. I knew he would be hard to replace when I moved, but he retired at the same time I moved so I would have been looking anyway.  I do have a new local Doc.  He was working in the ER when I had my 2nd stroke up here and when my health went downhill in April this year, he was taking patients and he is the one treating me and helping me through all the diagnostic stuff now.  He is MY Doc.  I am personal with MY Doc.  He is my new best friend.  He is my new chosen one!  I think he is a little nervous about how casual I am with him.  He is my Provider.  I like him, I trust him, which is saying A LOT!  This is a small town and he calls me and talks to me!  Yes, a Doc that actually calls and checks up, gives you information, a Doc who really cares.  Does anyone remember "House Calls?"  When Doc's came to your house?  I do remember that and that is what this feels like.  It is very personal.  I think it is very rare.  I am thrilled with my new Doc!

So why the holistic approach?  I had a terrible rash (Urticaria) for about 5 years.  It was almost as debilitating as the Lupus itself.  It was constant, it was hot and itchy and blistered and sometimes it bled!  There were times I didn't think I would survive it.  I went to specialists, 5 different doctors!  No one could help.  I took pills, creams, steroids, they took biopsies, I took shots, nothing helped!  NOTHING!  So I decided I would have to help myself.  That is really when all of my research started.  I was making my own soap, my own shampoo, my own creams...all organic and holistic.  This was even before my research into Essential Oils!  Of course I fasted and added foods one at a time to see an allergic reaction.  There were many!  I found my saving grace to be coconut.  Yes, Coconut!  I used coconut oil, I used coconut milk, I washed with it, I made a cream that finally helped my rash.  Coconut was my staple for years.  The docs tried everything...and so did I.  But when it came down to MY HEALTH...I had to make it MINE.  That is how my Holistic path started.  After years of hell (I can think of no other way to put it) I had to shoulder the responsibility of my own care.  I think my main problem with the medical profession are the patients.  People shell out $$$ and expect someone to make it all better.  That would be great, but it doesn't always work.  Here is what I really want you to know.  Ask your own adversary!  Do your own research.  Use every option you can.  Docs are human.  God love them, but they are just human and can only do so much.  They are trained to be miracle workers.  Sometimes they are!  With help from prayers too.  Just be your own best friend when it comes to your health.  No one knows you better than you!  Don't like an answer...get that 2nd opinion.  Do your research...try new options besides medications if you feel they aren't working.  It has taken 14 years, but for now I have a treatment for myself that works for me. That is my testimony.  If you are looking for options, and healthier solutions...maybe we can help you too.  We have found honey to be a great carrier for the Essential Oils and holistic products that we have and use.  This isn't just about sales people...this is about your health, your choice, and your options.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane